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Hotels, Hospitality & Catering

First Class Accomodation All Round

From budget to luxurious hotels, they are always extremely busy venues with high foot traffic, luggage trolleys and movement that will take its toll on the building.  


Decorative and functional protection can help any building look and feel like "5 Star" Accomodation every time.


From corridors, receptions and waiting areas right through to the laundry rooms and kitchens and bathrooms...


J&M Interiors have the Altro Hygienic Wall Cladding, the Altro Fortis Protection Systems and the ideal Hygienic Ceiling Finish to guarantee luxury.

Hygienic Catering
Captivating Finish
Stylish Open Plan Areas
Welcoming Finish
Luxury Made Simple
Modern & Classic
Hospitality & Catering
High End Catering
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